Sad endings: The Divorce

Sad endings: The Divorce

And I never, ever, ever wanted to write this song I always thought things would change somehow And we would start getting along but it’s hopeless -of Montreal, “No Conclusion” (2007) This post sat unpublished for a few months (and saw the deletion of a Paul Simon quote), but you may as well know: After +/-10 fun and loving years and then some less amazing and less wonderful times, Nicole…

Angel Olsen

I don’t know how I was unaware of Angel Olsen (ghostly & yodeling) until the other day. A perfect addition to the fall music playlist.

Fall music: Julie Byrne

This Julie Byrne album found me as the days grew shorter, the nights colder, and the leaves turning more orange. It’s no coincidence that I seek this music out as fall, the best season, comes around. Here is Ms. Byrne doing “Young Wife” which is one of many slightly dreary (in a great way), slightly old timey songs on Rooms With Walls and Windows.