Zoe Clementine

March 16, 2010

First photo

Nicole: what a goddamn trooper.

What did you do over the weekend?
We had our baby, Zoe Clementine.

All day Friday Nicole felt “crampy.” Friday night the hospital admitted us, though Nicole was dilated at a mere 1 centimeter. Then it was all a blur: it’s 11:30am on Saturday and she’s ready to push; it’s 12:16pm and a newborn baby is sitting on her chest. Do that math! I’ve waited for coffee at Blue Bottle longer than that.

Nicole and I, pre-push

Nicole and I, pre-push

More photos

Note: Of all the advice and predictions about the future, people did not exaggerate the lack of sleep that you inherit with a newborn.

I’ll most likely bore you with stories about Zoe’s first burp and why I won’t drive above 25 MPH when she’s in the car over at thepoopdiaper.com.

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