The week that hath passed [let’s say Nicole’s birthday through Easter]

April 10, 2012

Because of my combination of extreme laziness and inability to want to do anything with my free time except re-watch seasons 1-4 of The West Wing, I thought I could convert my updating schedule into a reliable weekly recap mostly reverse engineered from my Instagram feed, so I can cover all the highlights, which I’m guessing will mostly be Zoe doing something (I think is) cute and coffee photos. The format (photo, short description about what it is) will really help to expedite the documentation of “events”, without offering any insight or investigation, which is ideal, because writing and remembering is hard.

Do you not use a computer at all and missed hearing about the affordable shaving club? Perhaps you know I do not enjoy spending 4 to 6 dollars on a 5 cent piece of plastic and metal. Also, I’m terrified of using what seems to be an affordable and sustainable straight or safety razor (I assume it would castrate me in the shower on day one). I like to think I’ll never have to give Gillette another dime. I toy with the idea of writing a big long comparison between the Mach Whatever I used for years and the less expensive but still does the job as good as, if not better than, new razor, but I think I said all I could say about it just now.

Then it was my little buddy’s birthday and I made my yearly pilgrimage into the faraway land of San Francisco to eat dosa(s) that were too hot and drink in bars that catered to my need to have booze in tall glasses brought to me.

It rained.

Zoe strutted.

We went to Ikea to buy matching bowls and plates and then Zoe ate a frozen yig-git yogurt for an hour.

I made a lentil loaf, but not as good as the one that came before it (the key is for me to not go off the recipe at all. At. All). In fact, this one was weird and maybe shouldn’t have been. The week can’t all be good news.

It’s getting warm, and the Owl’s Howl over ice at Modern is delicious.

In an effort to do absolutely nothing about my terrible physical appearance, the family went to, and I write this knowing it’s kind of lame, California Pizza Kitchen. I had never been, but, and I write this knowing it is super lame, their frozen pizza that I buy at Target and say I’m not going to eat tonight but then eat the entire thing and then say that’s the last time that will ever happen, but it so isn’t going to be the last time, is more tasty than anything I have ever eaten in my entire life. But they do it up ok there and the sugary drinks made the world seem ok for a little while. (See you on my birthday, CPK!) Christ, I’m getting old.

Zoe came by the office and mused nostalgically about last Easter at Fairyland.

And then it was Easter! And we were in Golden Gate Park and on a carousel and Zoe didn’t cry even though they spin that thing like they’re testing to see if you have The Right Stuff.

And after Zoe fell asleep in the park, exhausted from the sun and the playing and the running, we ate Nature’s Express in the car.

Keeping with the spirit of the weekend, Zoe ate her first creme egg.

On Easter Sunday we learned an important lesson about just showing up whenever and not stressing about being someplace on time. Also, Zoe got to run around the same spot where Mommy and Daddy got married on a special day in October.

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