The week of the Pilot Hi-Tec-C

August 14, 2012

Since April, I’ve been “gardening” in containers on our back porch. I’ve had some success but a lot of death, so I had to call in the experts. This book told me to 1. not plant so much 2. clean up my space so its pleasant to look upon and spend time in. I was also able to honor its arrival with a humble offering of a jalapeño, summer squash and tomato. I made the worst sandwich in celebration.

Zoe and I went to Rudy’s.

I was able to have some success with the zucchini harvest before the plant was retired to the compost pile.

It’s been months since my minor wrist sprain from my teensy bike accident, but I still never brought my bike to get fixed. Nicole was back in town by Friday, so we walked to the very pleasant Bay Area Bikes for a quick true. Zoe hasn’t mastered pedaling on her tricycle yet, but at least was willing to give this balance bike a stand or two.

Nicole traveled to Texas for an important meeting of like-minded associates. Zoe and I played in the park and she seems to know the word “hopscotch”.

Scott bought her a water color book a few weeks ago, and it seemed like the perfect time to bust it out. She likes to make “coffee” from the tiny amount of water used to activate the paints.

I don’t know man. I guess I get kind of down sometimes. Where am I going? Am I on track? Could I be doing better? What are my past experiences? Why does my life seem so separate from me when I look back and it is like watching a stranger interacting with strangers. What is next for me and my family? Why another presidential election year and I’m still talking about slimming down. Should I change the way I interact with everything and everyone?

When that happens, I like to take it to I heard a lot about the Pilot Hi-Tec C, so I over-bought a selection of sizes including the .25 which is like writing with a human hair and the Slim Knock seems more like a novelty mini pen. I’m probably going to play it real safe in the future, and get the classic in a .4. God, I love JetPens as equally as Nancy Boy.

On Friday I drank a nice amount of coffee with my friend Fil.

Nicole stepped up her salon game by renting a bigger space and was thereby no longer constrained to working to just two days a week. He new space is already delightful in its plant-splashed splendor, but it also contains a promise of exciting professional development and a renewed sense of growing something great by being perseverant and savvy. Also, she will be inheriting our current home grinder for her coffee station.

Celebration dinner at Rudy’s.

Our delightful friends Elysse and Peter had us over for hot fruit.

And then it was Sunday all over again.

Game on, my friends.

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