The 8th Anniversary of The Thing I Had to Do to Reboot My Life

September 30, 2012

I’ve been trying to get rid of excess clutter, and I’m focusing on media that is outdated or lame. I’m selling most of my CDs and getting rid of the ridiculous backups I’ve kept (i.e. SVN repos from an old job, sites that I would never need to see again from two jobs ago, antiquated CSS techniques on sites that never went live).

One DVD contained the archive of this site back when I wanted to be a fancy Flash developer. It was also the same time that I decided to drive my car across the country by myself in search of love, a change of scenery, and adventure. Since it was eight years ago to the very day, I thought I would dust off the terrible UI (it’s not crowded at all!) and the equally poor writing before the DVD went into the shredder.

2004 was the record flipping over moment and the reboot my weird, isolated, unemployed life needed. Also, back in my day we described the food we ate…

Ugh. “Comsumed.” Can’t remember if that is an inside joke or a terrible typo.

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