Shit Found in an Old Journal

January 27, 2007

Like I was saying: I was cleaning out the front closet, and I came across old letters and journals. Sometimes I get burdened by the process of remembering, and often I sweeten the past with this amazing tone that didn’t exist at the time.

One journal chronicled my overly dramatic yet simple and uneventful life during my second year in California (1998). I was extremely happy that I had taken the time back then to tape the photo into my little book. It shows me and my friend Nicole who I had met earlier in the year. Nearly ten years later she would make my wedding cake.

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  • peetiepants says:

    aw. what a sweet picture. i remember when your hair was that poofy. good times. did you find the transition to california as isolating and bewildering, yet strangely life affirming and soul uplifting as i did? until you found your peeps, that is.

    hey i live in oakland now.

    did you ever see the cat haiku? here’s one:

    rule for today
    touch my tail i scratch your face
    new rule tomorrow

    i’m too lazy to count the syllables. anyways i forget the rules for traditional haiku.