Potential images of my father for portraits

August 25, 2008

Should the money present itself sometime before my skin starts to sag and become filled with liver spots and scars from melanoma scares, I would like to get a portrait done of my dad. I would most likely choose from these three photos I have, since they are my favorites and make up the entire collection of father photos that I possess.

What a fucking bad-ass: strutting his stuff in front of the grandfather clock kit that he completed, victory cigar in hand; opening a Penthouse puzzle on his birthday; and getting it done in a garden. Well played, BBM1.

  1. in this case, BBM = big boss man

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1 Comment

  • bbm says:

    what the hell was being contained by those gates blocking the livingroom from the hallway ?

    sad to say, the clock masterpiece is long gone, thanks to maggot patullo.

    the north kingstown garden was a lot of work.but really produced.
    that was about the same time you thought that you were a “bread”.

    i’m flattered by your wish on top of everything else.