Of Montreal or: how Davey Pierce rocked the house

November 15, 2007

Of Montreal’s last show for me was amazing and 100% responsible for making Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? a classic in 2007. Seeing them last night did not disappoint, though it thrilled for different reasons (and despite that it was extremely humid and 120 degrees in the balcony at Great American Music Hall).

Last time I saw them, Of Montreal were so very good for their ability to pull off live versions of their complicated, recorded tracks. This time they nailed it with what seemed like a stripped-down, raw and sweaty set…and Prince covers. Didn’t hear a lot of new material, but heard all the classics. There were two Super Fans in the front row who were a delight to watch. They were rewarded with musky, sweaty Kevin kisses for acting out all the lyrics to every song.

Live, Of Montreal is so good. So ear blastingly good. As usual, Kevin was sexy and nailed all his ambitious vocal parts. But it was their bass player, Mr. Davey Pierce, who was so amazingly accomplished and, thus, was the highlight of the show. It didn’t hurt that Of Montreal’s traveling stage has a second level or "loft" and placed Mr. Pierce not ten feet from us. Each massive phrase and note was rattled off with the calmness of a man doing his taxes: it was that precise.

davey pierce rocking the bass

Davey Pierce rocked the fuck out of the bass.

I’m not totally sure how Of Montreal works…maybe Kevin writes and records the entire album and then they take the songs on the road. If so, he is a genius bass player. His melodies and tone: superb, inventive and driving. He also has an uncanny knack for finding other players who can recreate those sounds on the road.

Please note Pierce’s almost flawless thumb position technique.

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  • diann pierce says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I was thrilled with your writeup and video’s of Davey. I have shared it with friends and family.
    Thanks for the posting.
    Davey’s Mom,