“Here is a picture taken of us on the 5th underground level of InfilHQ”

March 10, 2007

letter from Infiltration

I ordered a lot of back issues (but no more than 25) in 1999 from Infiltration: the zine about going places you’re not supposed to go, which was reasonable since I didn’t go anywhere except work, yoga class, BART, or the Berkeley Bowl.

When the issues arrived, I was delighted to see warm regards in the form of a note complete with a simulated photo from the the editor. Thanks Ninjalicious.

I had been meaning to say that for a while—since I heard about Jeff’s passing—how that was one of the best pieces of mail I’ve received from a stranger…but not really a stranger. You know what I mean? I miss you.

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  • what am I supposed to do now, that i have read this and now followed the tracks to the site about this man? i feel sad…

    oh wait! guided by voices just came on the itunes! yay!