Label Maker

November 11, 2007

I had been debating about buying a label maker for the last 4 years or so. I saw the higher priced ones ($40) as sort of extravagant for something I was probably going to use once to label containers of spices that sort of look the same (coriander and cumin, the spiciest of foes). Stealing a fancy label maker from work was not an option. This would have to be free of any ties. I found the Dymo LetraTag priced so low ($12/Target) and knew my opportunity to purchase had arrived.

After successfully labeling the spice jars and when to next change the Brita filter, I moved on to my USB cables and electrical cords, in my battle to have an organized work area. But the point of this little entry isn’t about the merits of the LetraTag. The output doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny, but looks fine a foot or more away. What makes this item a keeper is how the folks at Dymo have innovated the label itself. It is scored halfway down the middle, so you can easily peel away the back. I have used a fair amount of more expensive label makers in my time, and this is the first I’ve seen of this massive and important innovation. Well done Dymo.

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