I could have researched this entry a little better, or: the statues at 580 California

January 23, 2007

Across from the Bank of America Building, on California Street, stands my favorite creepy skyscraper known as “The 580 California.”

I used to work at Ernst and Young, in the BOA building—AT EYE LEVEL WITH THE STATUES— and every night they would be lit from below. Very startling, ver high drama. The statues would call to me: "are you almost done working for the night? Do you want to join us on our perch? Try to jump across and we’ll catch you."

Are they The Fates? Who are they? Who made them?

That top floor: what goes on there? Sorcery? Elevator maintenance? Was H.P. Lovecraft the architect?

And finally, after other people did my research for me, it turns out that the statues have touched the hearts of others.

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  • peetiepants says:

    damnit grandma, i promised you that i would read and comment on your blog, and then i fell down on that promise. also, i promised you a rose garden. and for that i am truly sorry…

    but omg! shut up! i love this building too! and when we met? i used to work at eye level with it too! wow. i always guessed that the top floor was used for magical elevator maintenance. have you ever had the privilege of riding the glass elevators in the westin st. francis? they go up 31 floors and are the most marvelous, free, unscary rollercosters in san francisco. you should take n. there sometime.