Eventually, All At Once

April 2, 2012

^^^ I know that video doesn’t play anymore, which is a shame.

This version of “Eventually, All At Once” is one of my favorites. When Joan of Arc is great, they are one of my top five bands. Also, I find their personal style pleasing.

Things I come back for:

  • I’m always been into the hoodie WITH a hat look
  • The drummer’s tasteful choice of instruments (shaker thing?); his ability to play a tight snare roll with one hand, which might be a really easy thing to do if you are a professional drummer, but it impressed me
  • Victor looking like he’s going to beat the shit out of the gentle melody he is unleashing
  • Tim’s voice cracking
  • The riff! Whimsical, rolling, always on.

Here is JoA doing one of their finest songs live. I will never tire of Bobby Burg singing along.

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