Eventually, All At Once

I’m not completely sure why I’m currently obsessed with this version of “Eventually, All At Once”. I’m not a huge Joan of Arc fan (could change [has changed, now — RG]), but am very into a few tracks from Victor’s Invisible Cinema. I don’t really “get” Cap’n Jazz, either.

I think it could go something like:

  • Really into the hoodie/hat look
  • Drummer’s tasteful choice of instruments (shaker thing); his ability to play a pleasing snare roll with one hand, which might be a really easy thing to do if you are a professional drummer, but it impressed me
  • The stage presence they have radiates disinterest, but they’re kind of cooking
  • Victor looking like he’s going to beat the shit out of the gentle melody he is unleashing
  • Christ: the riff!

Are they my Grateful Dead?!

Also, but to a different degree, these crisp beats: