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Victor Villarreal plays the best song from Invisible Cinema

Eventually, All At Once

I’m not completely sure why I’m currently obsessed with this version of “Eventually, All At Once”. I’m not a huge Joan of Arc fan (could change [has changed, now — RG]), but am very into a few tracks from Victor’s Invisible Cinema. I don’t really “get” Cap’n Jazz, either.

I think it could go something like:

  • Really into the hoodie/hat look
  • Drummer’s tasteful choice of instruments (shaker thing); his ability to play a pleasing snare roll with one hand, which might be a really easy thing to do if you are a professional drummer, but it impressed me
  • The stage presence they have radiates disinterest, but they’re kind of cooking
  • Victor looking like he’s going to beat the shit out of the gentle melody he is unleashing
  • Christ: the riff!

Are they my Grateful Dead?!

Also, but to a different degree, these crisp beats:

Ghosts and Vodka and the internet reunion I watched

It was declared and so I watched. More information from somebody who took photos and wrote well of the event.

New Victor Villarreal stuff

News of Victor’s new shows have trickled down to me. Ghosts and Vodka are one of the best. Will buy anything he puts out. Also: dammit.