Early to mid summer, 2014

July 18, 2014

I feel like this starts off sounding like one of those “end of the year newsletters” that I’ll eventually be sending to people, but Nicole continued her weaving (looming?) class and really seems to like it!

I wish her all the luck with her fiber art. That stuff is pretty tight!

First Friday has treated us fairly well, though I follow a standard pattern:

  • Have trouble parking, get grumpy
  • Arrive and am amazed how uncrowded and mellow it is
  • The line for nachos is brief
  • Zoe yells every time I have any of her nachos
  • One margarita goes right to my head
  • I feel like a fun, hip parent while my kid frolics
  • It gets amazingly crowded
  • A little too drunk from one drink
  • Buy Nicole and Zoe ice cream sandwiches, eat most of Zoe’s
  • Nicole drives home while I beg her to listen to Mission of Burma

Nicole working on two vegan sammy jammies.

I read via Kottke how terrible and overpriced the mattresses business is and at the same time Nicole and I knew our terribly small mattress was nearing the end of its life. We finally ordered from Tuft and Needle (hit me up for a promo code! Save yourself some money!). I was worried we were buying a futon mattress and would be too lazy to return it and would sleep on a pile of hate and resentment every night. But it is great! And it really does ship all rolled up in an airtight bag. Item for the to-do list: buy a bed frame so I don’t feel like I’m 22/hiding out in a temporary apartment/Sid and/or Nancy.

Also, I can no longer evangelize about Tuft and Needle because everybody I know is tired of me talking about it.

Nicole was in Florida for work when Zoe came down with a stomach bug (“Don’t throw up on the new bed!”). At the same time, part of our house was having the outside painted, so half of our windows were covered up. It was manageable but not ideal. Zoe had to get a little itty bitty blood test (doesn’t have Celiac disease!). Pro tip: if you can get a live person at the lab on the phone, inquire if they actually know how to find the vein of a four year old, or papa might almost pass out/cry. Nothing a trip to Michael’s couldn’t fix.

That was all just a prelude to say that we’re reading this together. People back then really had to know how to survive and entertain themselves. Some things the family does in the book:

  • Avoids getting eaten by animals
  • Carves cool stuff out of wood
  • Plays the fiddle at night for family entertainment
  • Many people live in a tiny house and don’t seem to get on each others nerves
  • Makes clothing
  • So so so much maple syrup/snow candy
  • Gives minimal Christmas presents

Nicole had been going on and on about this imaginary drink that sounded terrible: beer and salt and tomato juice and more salt. We went to every store/gas station trying to find them with no luck.

Nicole and her readymade michelada.

We bought an oversized pool that Zoe likes to luxuriate in on the weekends.

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