Christmas 2006

January 13, 2007

One of the greatest, life-changing presents I have ever been given on a Christmas morning would have to be a digital capture device, presented to me this year from N, in front of her family, in Arizona, a state I have traveled to three times, each time flying.

Maybe I’m the first person to ever keep a “blog” AND have a digital camera, so I will tell you that it makes things a lot easier since I don’t have to keep any notes. Now I take notes the lazy way: through photographs.

As an example, I didn’t have to write “Christmas day, 2006: I had N. sit in a tiny chair and blow bubbles for my amusement.” I could just point and click.

Instead of contemplating via words if we should move to Arizona where we could buy a house not on a fault line, I could take the following photograph and title it something like “Do I Want this to be Our Backyard?”

The next day we killed time in a mall after our beauty appointments evaporated:

And I was able to fulfill my long time dream of taking a close up photo of tortilla chips:

And a tiny cup of salsa:

And my little buddies’ arms whilst driving:

And again contemplate if I could see myself in Arizona where I would have to drive a lot and look at this sort of scenery:

But there is an upside, namely the huge skies you get:

I realize each time I speak of going to Phoenix, I write about the world-famous pizza place that I never seem to be able to get to when they are open. This trip proved no different, but I was treated to the delight that was downtown Phoenix. Not since Providence, RI circa 1997 was I that impressed by a little piece of quaint township:

Then it was time to go home to Berkeley.

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