Samantha Savage Smith

Like clockwork, just as September rolled around (a traditional time for me to become cozy and contemplative about approaching fall), Rdio was gracious enough to throw an album by Samantha Savage Smith my way. I like her soft but huge 1920’s voice. A lot of it is on the crooner side, and there is some meandering in certain songs, but that merging of The Reindeer Section’s simple, heavy beats and a smokey voice sounds to me like leaves being raked near huge suburban oak trees and it getting dark at 4:30pm. Also, the drums are super crisp coming out of my Shure SRH840’s. The delicate cymbal details make some of these songs.

If I’m reading my internet research correctly, Ms. Smith is an “emerging artist” that will hopefully visit these great United States from Canada so that, unless she is playing in my house, I will make plans to see but then try to get out of them because being out late is boring.