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New Material Seinfeld

It’s not rare, it’s everywhere. I hadn’t heard much about The Pete Holmes show until New Material Seinfeld #3 caused a little buzz. Here are the collected installments so I can easily watch them in my car before work. Every second works for me at the deepest levels possible.

July 2009

Summer is moving along. In most important news: I’ve been watching The West Wing when I can, which reminds me of summer 2004. And I’ve been listening to more Carcass than ever before. I made the worst pasta and peas of my life. I used rice noodles instead of delicious wheat-based pasta, and the result… Read more »

Emoji with Young

As usual, my tech-savvy friend Young clued me into what the kids are doing these days: sending ghosts, sheep and flag of different countries via “text message“. Image courtesy of Young himself, who also totally blogged about how awesome we are. Full disclosure: it was my wife who got the ball rolling with “fox in… Read more »