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Today I had an excellent taco

New favorite taco I don’t know what keeps most taco stands from having amazing vegetarian options: it isn’t “authentic”, there’s no market for it, nobody wants a lame zucchini taco…whatever the reason is I usually call bullshit and pout. Today I stumbled across the Cholita Linda stand at the Farmers Market. They had the usual… Read more »

Saturn Cafe’s Nacho Fries: Possibly one of the finest meals I have ever had

My buddy Arnold will blah blah blah about Thomas Keller and bone marrow chicken and ad hoc this, pork belly that… but I found the perfect lowbrow meal this evening that may explain why I’m currently having trouble shedding the baby weight (going on three years now). Saturn Cafe recently opened a Berkeley location which… Read more »


I decided to try pickling for myself after being recently inspired by friends that have reported it as being "easy". The emotional high experienced while buying the oft-spied canning jars at Super Longs did not stop while buying the various spices or waiting two hours for the now sliced and salted cucumbers to work their… Read more »