Category: Bikes

Zoe can now ride a bike

After months of practice, Zoe is now able to both ride a bike by herself and work a kickstand.

Nicole hits the road

It was only a matter of time before one of us bought a bike from Manifesto. Why not support the local bike shop? Why not?! Since I have one and a half bikes, it was only natural that Nicole should have the good crew tailor a three-speed for her 6’8″ body, featuring her freakishly long… Read more »

Oakland Hill Ride

AJ had a genius idea: since I’m certain my 2001 Trek 1000 doesn’t fit me anymore, or never did (I didn’t go through any early 30’s growth spurts), I should just get a new frame and keep the wheels and components. I will have to find out if my financial partner will ok the forms… Read more »